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Top 5 Pregnancy Workout

Research has shown that there are many benefits for expectant mothers who exercise, from improved posture, relief of back pain to more energy and stronger muscles in preparation for labor. If you have a healthy pregnancy, a 30-mins exercise per day is recommended. 

There are many pregnancy workout guides out there and as long as they come from reputable sources and professionals, it's usually safe to follow. Do check with your health providers to make sure you get the green light. 

We like @thepilatesmom's pregnancy work out videos because it's short and easy to follow. Here is a free guide featuring her top 5 pregnancy workout that is safe for every mother. Each one assists in the prevention of aches and pains and prepares the body for delivery.

Remember, a good rule of thumb is that if there is a challenging posture or exercise that was not practiced before pregnancy, then pregnancy is not the time to start it!

What pregnancy exercise are you doing? We'd love to hear!


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