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Great Free Online Educational Resources for Pre k-K Kids

Since many of our kids will still be stuck at home this summer, we put together a list of all of the resources that we have found & sourced for content and educational entertainment over the past few months to share with you. There are also tons of extra worksheets, apps, websites, youtube channels for your pre k-k kids. Hope everyone finds at least one thing that helps!

If you find more great resources that are not covered in this list, please comment below so that we can update the list!

  • Varsity: Tailored for specific grade levels—kindergarten and up—your kid can enjoy week-long camps in pretty much any subject that interests them with Varsity Tutors.
  • Miss Megan’s Camp Kindergarten (1 hr of Kinder class every weekday - songs, learning, fun)
  • Epic (reading app - read to me function)
  • PBS Parents
  • ABC Mouse (free at the moment)
  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (various games)
  • Duck Duck Moose (all of their apps are good & free)
  • Teach Monster
YouTube Channels:
Fun Exercise/Get them moving:


  • Nihao Chinese free Saturday story time

Apart from these, your local library also has tons of stuff for kids. Check their website to sign up online for a library card if you don't have one!

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