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This summer, a lot of us are emerging from our quarantine hibernations and embarking on new experiences with our little ones in tow.  At Sweat and Milk, we believe living life to the fullest and breastfeeding can beautifully coexist.  So, whether you are beach-bound or mountain-moved, we want to wish you happy travels and share a tip or two to help smooth your ride!

  1. Keep an eye on the clock.

sweat and milk nursing sports bra

While this tip might seem like something you already know and do daily while breastfeeding an infant, it’s worth emphasizing how important it is to maintain your regular feeding intervals despite how inconvenient they might be.  While you may be tempted to shave some minutes off your ETA by pushing yourself to wait to feed baby, it’s simply not worth any time saved when you consider the unpleasant possibilities of engorgement, clogged ducts and mastitis ruining your time away.

  1. Dress for success.

Sweat and milk madison nursing sports bra

Sweat & Milk Madison Ruffle Nursing Sports Bra

Not only will you want to be comfortable for your sake, but an outfit that allows easy access to nurse has never been more helpful than when you’re trying to feed your baby on-the-go.  An ensemble of an effortless clip-down nursing bra, nursing friendly tank top and high-waisted leggings designed to support your postpartum body will provide coverage and convenience.  The last thing you’ll want to deal with when trying to soothe your baby is stripping down and potentially dodging any nosey onlookers.  Don’t forget to pack an extra outfit in the diaper bag for yourself too.  In between potential milk leaks, spit up scenarios and messy diaper changes, a fresh outfit for mama could make all the difference if your first choice gets compromised.

  1. Set the scene.

sweat and milk nursing tips

While of course nursing in the car isn’t as comfortable as it is at home, you can make a few adjustments to minimize the awkwardness.  Have essentials, like burp cloths, nursing covers and nursing pads, easily accessible so you aren’t rummaging around or unpacking any luggage to find them at feeding time.  Consider packing a nursing pillow if that helps you keep from straining your back and shoulder muscles.  If your car windows aren’t very tinted or it’s particularly hot outside, use a window sunshade for a little extra sun protection and privacy. 

  1. Minimize to maximize.

Sweat and milk nursing tips

If your baby is particularly alert, chances are they could be easily distracted at mealtime or want to play when you finally fetch them from the car seat.  You can minimize distractions to maximize your time by stopping at a rest stop or restaurant for your baby’s meal break.  Ask your travel companions to take advantage of the opportunity to stretch their legs or eat inside while you feed the baby in the car alone.  If someone else is driving, you can always ask them to pick you up a meal to-go and eat once you are back on the road.  If baby is still too distracted to finish their milk, consider keeping a battery powered breast pump handy (just don’t forget extra batteries).  If space is an issue or you don’t have a breast pump, a small silicone model can fit in the diaper bag and could be a lifesaver if baby won’t eat.

  1. Don’t forget about yourself.

Sweat and Milk Venice nursing sports bra

Sweat & Milk Venice High Impact Nursing Sports Bra (Camo)

This tip might should redundant, but we all know mamas are notorious for forgetting their own needs when keeping up with their little ones.  Breastfeeding is taxing enough on the system without the rigors of a road trip thrown in the mix too.  Don’t forget to hydrate and stock the car with plenty of healthy travel friendly snacks.  Aside from being pregnant, nourishing yourself now is more important than ever so you can adequately nourish your baby too!

We want to hear from you!  Where are you going this summer? 



clip-down nursing bra

nursing friendly tank top

high-waisted leggings

small silicone model

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August 06, 2021 — Lucy Chalmeton

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