[vc_row][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]Instagram: Madmontgo    Facebook: @MadsonKaplan    Snapchat: @MadMongo We are so lucky to have Madison as our model for brand launch. Although baby Carter was only five months old when we did the photoshoot, she already bounced back to her gorgeous pre-baby shape. What are her secrets? How did she manage her busy new mom life schedule while finding time to squeeze in workouts and taking care of herself? Here are some quick answers from Madison, and hope they can give us all the new moms out outthere some inspirations. Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. A: I'm Madison and Carter is 8 months old.  We live in Brentwood in Los Angeles.  I'm a model and have a clothing line, called Madtown Collection.  


  Q: What was your pre baby weight? A: 124 Q: What was your weight before giving birth? A: 140 Q: What is your weight now? And what is your ideal weight? A: 122 and that’s my goal weight  


  Q: When did you start to exercise? A: Shortly after my Dr gave me clearance. It was 8 weeks after giving birth. Q: What exercise did you start with? And what exercises do you do now? A: I started with full on cardio barre classes and do the same typeof high intensity workouts now, as well as yoga and some kickboxing. Q: How many times do you work out per week, and how long per day? A: Some weeks 1-2x week, and other weeks 5-6 days. I usually work out for an hour a day and might take a 30min walk as well. Q: What is the most effective workout you recommend? A: Cardio Barre classes Q: How do you find time to exercise as a new mom? A: When Carter was very young I enjoyed taking her on walks and doing mommy and me yoga.  After she was 5 months old I started taking her to the kids club at the gym.  I thought it was good to get her used to being comfortable around other people and now she loves theplaytime.  Or can nap in her stroller while I get a great workout. Q: Who do you like to follow on social media as workout / lifestyle inspirations? A: I enjoy following friends like @tinamarieclark and my trainer @1powerserge  

Diet and Breastfeeding

  Q: Are you breastfeeding? A: Yes Q: What is your diet look like? A: I try to eat only “real food.”  Lots of vegetables and I enjoy cooking at home. Q: How do you keep up with your milk supply? A: I drink LOTS of water and I make sure I pump if I ever give her a bottle.  I also drink the milk teas from time to time and ate a lot of oatmeal for breakfast in the beginning. Q: What was your pregnancy craving? A: Mustard!  I never liked it before and would want to put exorbitant amounts of it on sandwiches and burgers while pregnant. Q: What’s your favorite place for brunch in your city/town? A: Huckleberry in Santa Monica Q: Could you please share with us your favorite quick and easy snack/recipe? A: Kale Chips or Omega nut snack packs from Trader Joes[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_column_text]

Beauty and style

  Q: Did you lose hair during pregnancy? How do you keep your hair shiny and smooth? A: My hair was amazing during pregnancy, but in the months after giving birth definitely was losing massive amounts of hair.  I didn’t worry too much and kept taking hair and skin vitamins.  My hair guy had warned me it would happen, and that it was just temporary. Q: What’s your secret hair care product? A: Kiehls sunflower oil hair mask Q: What’s your favorite nail salon and hair salon in your city/town? A: Two Brown Eyes girls for nails and Lee Rittiner at Alen M Salon on Melrose is amazing! Q: What’s your favorite skin care product? A: Tea Tree Oil to prevent breakouts.  So cheap and works so well! And natural! Q: What’s your favorite accessory or tip to create an instant glamour? A: A great red lipstick Q: What’s your favorite workout clothes and brand? A: I love Alo and Goldsheep.  Now that Im nursing I cant wait for Sweat and Milk bras! Q: What’s your favorite nursing outfit and brand? A: Sweat and Milk! Havent found anything else good.  Otherwise just wear sports bras I have and pull them up or down.  Cosabella makes a pretty good lace nursing bra.  


  Q: What time do you go to bed and get up? A: My baby still isn’t sleeping well so if I want a decent night of sleep I try to go to bed shortly after her around 8pm (since I know I’ll be up lots in the middle of the night). I get up when she does around 7am. Q: How many hours do you sleep per day? A: 4 on a bed night to 7 if I go to bed early with her. Q: Tell us what your typical day look like? A: I typically eat breakfast with Carter at home and give her some yogurt and fruit, or eggs, or peanut butter and apple (whatever Im eating).  Then I take her to the gym with me or on castings or appointments or whatever I need to do for the day.  If it’s a mellow day we stay home for her am nap.  Sometimes we have lunch at home or on the go.  Most afternoons I’ll do grocery shopping or errands, but try to be home in time for Carter to take her afternoon nap.  And I make dinner while shes napping.  


  Q: What do you enjoy the most as a mom? A: Waking up to her adorable and smiling face!  And I love having her as my little buddy for everything. Q: What does motherhood mean to you? A: Being super loving, supportive, patient and encouraging.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
March 01, 2017 — Lucy Chalmeton