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Sweat and Milk nursing sports bra

Why do you need a nursing sports bra?

Yes, we went there.  We used the word “need” instead of “want” in this post’s title, even emphasizing it, because if breastfeeding and an active lifestyle are going to coexist, a nursing friendly sports bra is absolutely essential.  Not only can a regular sports bra’s tight compression cause painful clogged ducts (and even lead to the dreaded mastitis), simply wrestling sore nipples out of a sweaty, tangled up traditional sports bra while a hungry babe cries is enough to make any nursing mama skip the workout altogether.  Take it from me personally, in the early days of breastfeeding and beyond, little things that can help life flow just a tad bit smoother can make the biggest difference!

A new mom is breastfeeding her baby in Sweat and milk's Venice Nursing Sports Bra

When I was pregnant with my son, I was pretty clueless when it came to breastfeeding and how much of a big (and beautiful!) life change that would be.  I remember buying some zip front regular sports bras with underwires (gasp!) from a popular chain retailer in my third trimester, thinking that there was no need to buy specific nursing sports bras when I could still wear styles similar to what I wore before I was pregnant. On the day of my first barre class back teaching postpartum, I strapped myself into one of this straightjacket and tried to feed my son one last time before we left the house to head to the gym. Whether you look at it as a learning experience or a disaster, what ensued next was not what I had in mind.  Not only did I have to strip myself down, but my other exposed breast also leaked awkwardly and resulted in a last-minute unplanned wardrobe change for us both, which was no easy feat with an 8-week-old.  But hey, no crying over spilled milk, right?

A new mom is breastfeeding her baby in sweat and milk's oceane 3 nursing sports bra

Whether you’re ready to rejoin group classes, venture to the park with your baby in the stroller, stream an online workout at home, get back behind the mic as a fitness instructor or just want to enjoy the comfort and ease of a sports bra as you soak in all those baby cuddles, you really need a good nursing sports bra that can help you make that happen. 

What makes a good nursing sports bra?

1. Function

    A good nursing sports bra is created with hungry babies in mind, so you can quickly, easily and discreetly feed little ones on the go without stripping down or ‘spilling the milk’ with unexpected leaks through the use of easy clip-down nursing functionality, which is a must-have feature! 

    Some nursing sports bras even offer the convenience of hands-free pumping abilities where the bra can help hold the pump’s flanges in place.

    2. Feel

    A great nursing sports bra is thoughtfully designed with a specific blend of high-performance athletic fibers, offering active mamas comfort and confidence with breathability, odor protection and dry-fast moisture-wicking constructions.  it should be easy to care and crafted with fade-resistant materials so maintenance is worry-free… because the last thing you need is one more thing to think about! 

    A good nursing sports bra is also created with thick, quality material, these bras help nipples to stay concealed and even come with removable inserts for extra protection.

    3. Fit

    A premium nursing sports bra is designed to accommodate fluctuations in cup sizes breastfeeding mamas experience throughout the day. They should be soft, stretchy and supportive, significantly differ from more restrictive traditional styles in their unique ability to provide flexibility without sacrificing shape and support. 

    Furthermore, because there is no universal sizing standard in fashion, each bra style should have a specific size chart available on its product page to help mamas find the perfect fit to accommodate changing breast sizes throughout their breastfeeding journey. 

    4. Fashion

    A great nursing sports bra should be great looking! It should have all the on-trend details and colors to help mamas feel as beautiful as they really are and get back to the activities they love with confidence!

    A new mom doing yoga with her baby wearing sweat and milk's oceane 3 nursing sports bra in lilac

    5. Support

      A great nursing sports bra should also be a great sports bra. With much bigger and heavier breasts during pregnancy and nursing, you want your bra to be supportive enough to hold those girls in place when you are doing your burpee! Check if the bras have wide under band and shoulder straps as they provide extra support with comfort and not digging in. 

      6. Easy on and off

      Last but not least, adjustable back closures offer a customizable fit and are easy to take on and off, so no more wrestling sore breasts out of a tight traditional sports bra! 

      So, whether you’re returning to running, picking up Pilates, hopping into a HIIT class or simply trying to make it through the day with a little style, you need a great stylish nursing sports bra to get you covered! 

      How to choose the right nursing sports bra for you?

      So, whether you’re returning to running, picking up Pilates, hopping into a HIIT class or simply trying to make it through the day with a little style, you need a great stylish nursing sports bra to get you covered!

      Luckily, companies like Sweat and Milk provides a wide spectrum of nursing-friendly sports bras that can satisfy your needs. Here are some of our favorite styles based on your shopping desire.

      1. Low Impact and Lounging

      A new mom doing mommy and me yoga with her baby wearing sweat and milk's malibu seamless nursing sports bra

      Sweat and Milk Malibu Seamless Nursing Sports Bra

      For days when you’ll be incorporating low impact activities like yoga or barre into your routine, the carefree seamless style of Sweat and Milk’s Malibu Nursing Sports Bra feels just right.  The wireless, soft and stretchy construction of this style makes it a great option to wear all day too even when you’re not working out.  Give it a try and see why customers have repeatedly dubbed it as the “most comfortable nursing sports bra”!  Available in wild rose (pictured above), Ashely blue, noir black, blue mist, rouge red or deep taupe grey, these bras offer the upmost in comfort and freedom of movement, crafted with a premium 4-way stretch nylon/spandex blend.  Strappy details, breathable cut outs and convenient one-hand clip down nursing functionality make this bra the total package!  Don’t forget to check out Sweat and Milk’s matching high waisted postpartum friendly seamless leggings to complete your athleisure look perfect for life in and out of the gym. 

      2. Medium-High Impact

      Sweat and Milk Chloé 2 Running Nursing Sports Bra

      From HIIT workouts to Zumba dance classes to stroller runs in the park, Sweat and Milk’s Chloe 2 Running Nursing Bra will help keep the bounce at bay!  Available in five sizes and designed to accommodate up a size DDD, these bras mean business.  Created with a wireless construction to help avoid mastitis, these supportive styles offer comfortable blister resistant wide shoulder straps and high chest coverage, along with one-hand clip down nursing functionality.  A strappy back and laser-cut holes in the front chest offer beautiful breathability.  Check out the extremely high waisted tummy control postpartum leggings in a matching color palette for a postpartum athleisure outfit that will help you feel strong and beautiful! 

      3. Full Coverage and High Impact Support

      Sweat and Milk Venice Full Coverage Nursing Sports Bra

      Bustier moms looking for extra coverage and high impact support should try Sweat and Milk’s Venice Full Coverage Nursing Sports Bra. With similar attributes to the Chloe 2, the Venice offers additional coverage with a wide chest band and is designed specifically for bustier moms. The Venice accommodates cup sizes up to a DDD and is ideal for high impact activities, like CrossFit and running. Available in a black camo print, the Venice can be paired with Sweat and Milk’s high waisted tummy control postpartum leggings in camo as well. 

      4. Maternity to Nursing Versatility

      Sweat and Milk Camélia Nursing Sports Tank Bra

      For more coverage and versatility than a sports bra (and effortless dressing!), we recommend Sweat and Milk’s nursing and maternity tank bras, like the Camelia Nursing Bra Tank pictured above.  Complete with one-hand clip down cups for nursing and thoughtful details like maternity friendly drawstring cinched sides, you can wear these styles during and after pregnancy.  Side-ruching is universally flattering and forgiving to newly postpartum tummies and each style is crafted with moisture-wicking fabrics so you can go on from sweating to shopping to soothing (and the rest of your busy day) with confidence.

      5. Pump Friendly and Versatile for All Workouts and Everyday

      sweat and milk oceane 3 nursing and hands free pumping braSweat and Milk Océane 3 Nursing & Hands-Free Pumping Bra

      Any nursing mother who has ever relied on a breast pump to feed their baby can attest to the convenience of a hands-free pumping bra.  That’s why Sweat and Milk made a strappy sports bra version designed for easy hands-free pumping and inspired by the beautiful aesthetic of the best-selling low impact Oceane style.  Available in a spectrum of trend-right hues, like the featured style in cool Azure Blue, these strappy back sports bras offer adjustable back closure, clip down nursing functionality and are crafted with Sweat and Milk’s buttery soft Lux Tech fabric. 

      6. Budget

      Océane 2 Nursing Sports Bra

      If you’re shopping on a budget (and really, who isn’t?), keep an eye on Sweat and Milk’s sale section!  New styles are added often as Sweat and Milk makes room for more debuts, like the best-selling Oceane 2 in Merlot, currently on sale for $20 off! 

      If you are still not sure which styles may fit you, here is a fun Bra Finder Quiz to some you some guide! 

      What helps you continue to live an active lifestyle while breastfeeding?  We’d love to hear from you!


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