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Bundles & Save

Save up to 25% when you mix and match! All our pieces are designed to be easily mixed and matched, so get creative with styles and colors!

3-Bra Bundle

Any 3 bras for 25% off

Code: 3BRAS

2-Bra Bundle

Any 2 bras for 20% off

Code: 2BRAS

Bra + Wrap Bundle

Any 1 bra + 1 wrap for 25% off


Bra + Legging Bundle

Any 1 bra + 1 Maman Legging for 25% off


Maman et Moi Legging Bundle

Any 1 Maman Legging + 1 Kids Legging for 25% off


Note: Bundles are aleady discounted, therefore, you may not be able to use other promo codes or coupons at the same time.