As we all continue to monitor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely, we wanted to reach out and address the concerns that some of you may have, and share with you all the potential impact on our products and shipment. 

Where are the Sweat & Milk products manufactured?

Most of our products are manufactured in Xiamen, China, including nursing bras, postpartum leggings and tank tops. 

However, the following items are made locally here in Los Angeles:

Charlotte Nursing Wraps

Malibu Seamless Nursing Bras

Maman et Moi Leggings for both mommy and baby/toddlers 

Where is Xiamen? How far is it from Wuhan? How is the coronavirus situation in there?

Xiamen is a coastal city in southeast China with a population of about 3.5 million. It is about 650 miles away from Wuhan. There were 35 confirmed coronavirus cases in total, and they have all been cured by March 1st, no death. Since February 17th, there hasn't been any new or suspect cases yet. People are already back to work, including our factory workers.

Are there any risks of getting coronavirus from your products?

So far, all the products in our inventory were made and shipped before the coronavirus outbreak, therefore, it doesn't pose any risks.

Where are the products warehoused?

All of our products are professional stored at a warehouse in Texas by a 3rd party. They are actively taking steps to minimize the impact. This includes providing all associates with direction on how best to protect themselves, equipment for maximum safety, and what to do if they suspect that they or someone they live with may have contracted the virus.

There are many additional internal steps they have taken to safeguard their employees and Sweat & Milk's products, such as doubling the amount of daily cleanings and disinfecting of all areas in their fulfillment centers, procuring necessary protective gear, having signage in all facilities on how to best stay virus-free, and extending paid sick time for employees to properly recover. 

How are the products shipped?

Once an order comes in, our fulfillment partner in Texas will pick and pack it, and send it to a shipping carrier which will different depends on the order's weight, value, recipient distance, and shipping urgency. The shipping carriers can be USPS, UPS, or Fedex.

Any future impact?

We are restocking some of the styles and colors currently and so far don't expect any delays since our factory is already back to work. However, it's hard to predict the future given the situation evolves rapidly every day. We can't guarantee that the US government won't ban Asian flights and shipment in the upcoming days as they did for the European ones. Therefore, please order your favorite styles, colors and sizes as soon as possible to avoid potential long wait if they are gone!


March 12, 2020 — AskWhai Collaborator
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